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8 Yard Skip Hire

Waste: General waste/soil/rubble

Volume: 40 bin bags max

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14 Yard Skip Hire

Waste: General waste/soil/rubble

Volume: 80 bin bags max

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20 Yard Skip hire

Waste: General waste/soil/rubble

Volume: 120 bin bags max

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40 Yard Skip Hire

Waste: General waste/soil/rubble

Volume: 180 bin bags max

If your looking for a cheap skip hire in Glasgow ,from our Glasgow base, we have access to a total of over one thousand skips available for hire ranging in size from two right up to forty cubic yards capacity with very cheap skip hire prices. Our expert local knowledge combined with an experienced team of drivers and extensive fleet of modern vehicles ensures prompt delivery and collection and a reliable service to our customers.We try and aim to be the cheapest skip hire company offering the bets skip hire prices in Glasgow. 

Since 1989 we have provided a trusted, efficient, reliable and cost-effective service to both trade and domestic customers alike. The company remains owned and run by the founding family and this family ethos means that we take great pride in our hard-won reputation with friendly customer service only a local phone call away.

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Five Facts About Glasgow

  • The Mitchell Library, has grown into one of the largest public reference libraries in Europe, currently housing some 1.3 million books

  • HampdenFootball stadium was the biggest stadium in the world when it was built back in the 1920’s.

  • Glasgow has a population of 600,000
  • Glasgow Southside, Newton Mearns, Glasgow West End, Motherwell, Glasgow North, Kilmarnock, Cambuslang, Barrhead, Paisley, Rutherglen, Bearsden, Clydebank, Lanarkshire, Coatbridge, Hamilton , Cumbernauld ,

    Recycling & Testimonials

    We take our commitment to the environment incredibly seriously and handle your waste in an environmentally-responsible manner in full accordance with Scottish law and guidelines. We employ sorting procedures at our HQ which mean that typically no less than 65% of general waste is recycled or reused, thus helping to reduce the waste sent to local landfill sites.

    Every home has those unwanted items that never get used, general clutter, leftover DIY/building materials or garden waste that just seems to accumulate over time. Perhaps you are moving house/downsizing and want to make a “clean break” from your old home rather than pay hefty removal costs for things you no longer really want or need. Whether it’s making the most of the space in your existing home or moving to a new one, why not give Skip Hires a call today and hire a skip to dump that junk?

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    Glasgow Skip Hire FAQ

    1How long can i hire the my skip out for ?
    As long as you want. Once your finished with your project we will pick up on agreed date with no extra cost
    2Do you offer roll on roll off skips or mini skip hire ?
    Give us a call to discuss your requirements with regards to that type of skip
    3Do you supply Garden hire skips ?
    We get asked this question a lot. The garden hire skip is the same as the mini skip hire.
    4What type of waste can i put in my skip ?
    We have created an infographic on this page which shows you what material you can put in skip.
    5Do you offer skip hire in the whole of the Glasgow area
    Yes we do. Depending on your location we will try and be there within 24 hrs.

    When Do You Need To Hire A Skip In Glasgow?

    The bulky waste collection service that the Glasgow city council offers does not collect building waste, car parts and tyres, paints, business waste, soiled items, and other waste items that are more than 6 ft. in length. These waste items can still be disposed properly using skip hire in Glasgow. There are many different sizes for skips. The choice of skip size will depend on the amount of waste that needs to be disposed.
    When you are doing construction or renovation project or you are de-cluttering your home, there is a need to hire a skip in Glasgow. The building wastes accumulated will be too much to fit on the wheelie bin. You will need a larger container for the wastes.

    Why Hire A Skip In Glasgow?

    Hiring a skip in Glasgow and It's near abouts makes waste management easier. You will be surprised at how easy it can actually be to de-clutter the work area. Working in a cluttered area is not only stressful but also hazardous. Getting rid of the waste is easier as well since skips will be collected by the skip hire company. You will not have to worry about doing trips to the city dumps.

    Hiring a skip in the West of Scotland gives you the chance to lower down your waste disposal expenses. You will have several options to choose from in terms of the size of skip and the collection service. Your choice will determine the cost of skip hire.

    Domestic Skip Hire

    If you are not in the building trade it can be difficult to know what size skip is the right one for your project. That is why it is important to work with a company that has your best interests at heart and will advise you accordingly.

    Did you know that overloading of skips is illegal? This is why it is vitally important to choose the right skip size for your project. Larger is better than smaller. You do not want to be charged for another skip in order to remove the excess waste.

    The type of waste that you dispose of is subject to Government regulations regarding recycling and removal of hazardous waste.
    Do you have room to place the skip on your driveway? If you don’t and you need to place the skip on the public highway you will need to check your local council’s skip hire guidelines and apply for a skip permit. You must know how long your permit is valid for and ensure your skip is removed by the expiry date. Or you can apply for a long term permit.
    If you need to place your skip on a public road then there are rules that you must abide too. We will be able to provide you with guidance on this and answer any questions you have. Did you know that if you are disposing of small amounts of domestic waste that there are alternatives to skip hire? A skip bag is smaller and can be taken away in a van or even a min skip hire.
    Mini Skip Hire is great for small amounts of household waste or garden waste. Are you having a clear out? Undertaking minor build

    Commercial Skip Hire

    We are experts in commercial skip hire in and around Scotland. We have years of experience in meeting the needs of large commercial contracts and industrial contracts.

    We pride ourselves on providing an extremely high level of customer service what ever the size of the job.

    Whatever the size of your project you can be assured that we will look after you, we are a great contractor to have on board.

    Why not give us a call today on 0800 802 1284 for a discussion of your needs.

    Builders Skips

    Do you need to hire a "Builders' Skip" ?
    If you are looking to hire a Builders Skip, you have come to the right place.

    Builder skip sizes we offer

    we offer you various sized skips. Not sure what skip size you need? We can provide you with any sized skip across Glasgow, subject to availability.

    You may hear skips referred to as "2-yarders" and "6-yarders" - this is not because the skip hire industry has not gone metric; just the historical parlance for skip hire sizes!

    We are ready to deliver the skip for you. Give us a call now to discuss your requirements

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    Tick, skip hire glasgow, cheap skip hire glasgow, skip hire nearm me

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    Tick, skip hire glasgow, cheap skip hire glasgow, skip hire nearm me

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